Hellobike completes E1 round of financing, amounting to $700 million

©Gladson Xavier

Hellobike completed the E1 round of financing with a value of US$700 million. The old shareholders such as Antgroup (Alibaba’s subsidiary), Fuxing, etc. continued to invest, and another 7 new investors. This information has been confirmed by Chengwei Capital, the investor of Hellobike. Likai Kaizhu, CEO of Hellobike, revealed that the official information will be disclosed to the public in the near future. In addition, the Hellobike E2 round is also in preparation.

Qicycling believes that when Hellobike completes its financing, it will challenge the market position of ofo and Mobike. In the future, there will be a three-strong competition. Wang Xing, chairman of Mobike, believes that ofo will not be a rival of Mobike in the future, and that Hellobike will be the most powerful challenger. Li kaizhu thanks Wang xing for his recognition of Hellobike, but he believes that Mobike will not be a contender for Hellobike.