Le Tour De Langkawi, the beginning of the story


2018 Le Tour De Langkawi is just around the corner. Due to the overlapped time arrangement with Milano-Sanremo, the startlist this year wasn’t full of big names comparing with 2017. Spotlight is going to be given to Andrea Guardini, who had 22 victories in the Tour of Langkawi, now once again, returned to the race expecting renew his record.

“Bardini is one of the biggest teams in Italy. The team came here a lot of times. Langkawi is an important race for Bardiani.” Besides the high expectation of team, the Italian sprinter was also hungry for victory since last time for him raising up hands was like two years ago. “Riccardo Minali from Astana, and my former teammate from UAE who’s a strong sprinter also came here. Anuar Manan sitting on my right hand,” “The king of Langkawi” gives some names, “local riders will be in full gas, we will know who are the strong ones when the race begins.”

As just put second place of stage one from the Abu Dhabi Tour , Guardini was still not so sure about his form . “We came here three days ago to get over the jet lag ,and adapt the road condition. My team will give me support on the leadout, the first two stages we will see who has better form between Paolo Simlon and me, but,” said the sprinter with a serious face,”I will be the one do the final sprint for the last two stages for sure.”

This is one of the reasons why he left the WT team, UAE Emirates, which is also a gathering place for Italian riders. “Bardiani is a team full of young talent. My role in the team is completely different from when I was with UAE.  Bardiani definitely gives me more support.  Cycling is not an easy sport, as riders we need a lot of motivation to go through those training and race. So when you feel something wrong in a team, that means you should make some change.” The arrangement of the team last year made it impossible for him to appear in the race that is most likely to win. For the absence of the last Tour of Langkawi , the Italian joked with smile on his face, “You can go to find the reason with Saronni.” Anyway, the last victory goes back to 2016 Le Tour De Langkawi, Change is obviously necessary for Guardini.

The 20-year-old Polish rider Szymon Sajnok will also appear on the course. After winning the world championship in 2018, he will continue to try on the road. This season represented the hometown team CCC, Szymon failed to finish in the previous two classic races. For him, the formal road race career hasn’t really began.

This year’s Le Tour De Langkawi has a total number of 22 teams, including four Malaysian teams. The contest of the eight stages race will officially start on the 18th.