Qicycling Interview Visiobike CEO: Marko Matenda

Q: Hi , Matenda , Is it the first time Visiobike come into the Cycle exhibition in Asia, what’s the main purpose Visiobike come to the Taipei Cycle this time?

M: This is the first time to exhibit Visiobike technology in Asia and we’re very happy to be here! The main reason is to introduce our new stand alone product – VisioSync which enables any ebike to become smart and connected ebike!

Q: In the process of the product’s developing, what kind of difficulties you had ever met with? How did you solved them?

M: As it’s probably the case with any company that is developing a product, there were numerous difficulties in technology development, design, manufacturing, prototyping etc. Without these difficulties and solutions that we made to overcome them, we wouldn’t be in a position where we are now. I think that the most important thing is to have a clear vision, motivated team and persistance to solve every problem in front of you, and that’s exactly we’re doing in Visiobike.

Q: What countries or areas are the Visiobike’s target market?

M:At the moment, our main focus is Europe because of our location and high level of ebike market development there.

Q: Do you know that many big Internet companies in China like Baidu, Xiaomi are also developing the intelligent bikes?  Besides, they input over ten or a hundred million RMB researching and developing it.  Another thing is China has the whole manufacturing system.  What do you think is the main advantage Visiobike has, and do you have some particular strategies to compete with these companies.

M:I think it is great for the market and shows that smartphone integration technology is the future of ebikes! It is very hard to push such an innovative technology to a somewhat conservative bike industry. If you have big guys such as Baidu, more companies will start to think about Smartphone integation technoloy. We think that with unique feature set and user experience that VisioSync provides, a lot of manufactures would choose (and is choosing already) VisioSync. We’re studying, improving and testing this technology for more than two years now and that gives us a better insight in the usability as well as allowing us to stay one step ahead of competitors by constantly devekloping and enhancing VisioSync.

Q: Qle.me ( now Qicycling )  had ever published some introduction of Visiobike last year, after that most of our audiences feel the price quite high.  Will you adjust the prices in the future?

M:Visiobike Carbono is our top model, just like S-class is the best and most expensive Mercedes car. We’re preparing a whole range of bikes wth different prices for the future and everybody should be able to find the best one for themselves.

Q: The function of Visiobike looks like more suitable for the commuting use now, do you plan to developing some intelligent products for the sport use, for example intelligent mountain bike, roadbike, etc.

M: Indeed, at the moment Visiobike features are developed with commuting in mind and for now we’re focused on that segment.

Q: Will you accept the Chinese Venture Capitals if they are interested in your products?

M:Yes, if Chinese VC brings what we need to the table, I don’t see why this couldn’t happen.