Wang Meiyin travels to the Paris-Roubaix Classic

Haussler leads the team and Bahrain Merida marches to Paris Roubaix.

One of the best-known destinations in the classic game, Paris-Roubaix, which is loved by fans, will start this Sunday.

Different from Flanders, Bahrain Merilida’s tactics are straightforward. He is trying his best to protect Heinrich Haussler. He also hopes that some members can join the break in the previous stage and try to advance toward the difficult part of the latter stage.

In addition to Australian players, Ivan Garcia Cortina, a talented Spanish teenager with long-distance breakthrough ability in Flanders, is expected to be a combat force in the group; plus Borut Božič, Kristijan Koren and Luka Pibernik and other experienced players. The top ten will be another important goal set by Bahrain Merida.

Chinese rider Wang Meiyin played the team for the first time this season.