Shanghai Municipal Government Strengthens Quality Supervision of Bicycle Products


According to the official website of the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, in 2017, the Bureau randomly sampled 26 electric bicycle companies, spot-checked 30 batches of products, and the passing rate was 83.3%; checked bicycle companies 16 times, spot-checked 16 batches of products, and passed rate 68.8. %. At the same time, in response to the brand new product supply chain model for shared bicycles, the Bureau took the initiative to step ahead and actively innovate supervision methods. It also carried out a sample inspection on the vehicles before use. A total of 13 batches of products from 8 Internet leased bicycle operators were found. Batch bikes and 1 batch of electric bikes do not meet the relevant standards.

Recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued the “Circular on Strengthening the Quality Supervision of Bicycle Products in the City” for the purpose of fully implementing the special treatment of non-motor vehicle traffic behavior in Shanghai and strengthening the work requirements for the management of Internet leased bicycles. In the next step, plans will be adopted to supervise and inspect the production enterprises, strengthen the monitoring of Internet rental bike risks, and exert self-discipline role in the industry through classified supervision and mobile supervision methods. Severely deal with illegal production of electric bicycles that do not meet national compulsory standards. Behavior, strengthen the source control of excessive electric bicycles, and further guarantee the quality and safety of bicycle products in Shanghai.